Friday, 9 May 2014

One more Sleep!

I am so excited to be attending my first ever market at the Tweed River Regional Gallery Artisan Market tomorrow. I have been super busy making lots of new pots, bowls and plates, designing brochures and labels, working out my stall set-up and ticking off a long list of things I need - wrapping paper, carry bags, sticky tape, scissors, string etc etc (you get the picture!). I feel like I could open my own shop I have so much stuff. Now, will it all fit in my car...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Design Crush - Bridget Bodenham

I am so in love with these gorgeous pieces by Australian potter Bridget Bodenham.  I have only recently discovered her work, but she is somewhat of a celebrity in the world of ceramics.  I was reading an interview she did for The Design Files back in 2011 where she said "Working with clay is a slow and technical process, always surprising, a bit of a challenge but I never stop thinking about what I want to do next"  Couldn't have said it better myself!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy Accidents

Any potter will tell you that opening a kiln is an exciting but scary moment.  I almost hold my breath every time I crack open the door, and then exhale with relief when I catch a glimpse of the contents and it's all ok!!  A couple of months ago, I opened the kiln to find a whole batch of pots ruined as a result of using the wrong glaze.  This was not a happy accident by any means!  However, every now and then something unexpected happens in the kiln and you are pleasantly surprised with the results. I recently bought some white earthenware clay, but accidentally fired it a little high and it came out a creamy yellow colour (kind of like aged paper).  I was always planning to decorate it with a vintage illustration and I think I like it way more than if it had been white!