Thursday, 26 June 2014

Featured Seller

I am over the moon to be the featured seller on Etsy!!  When I was contacted a few weeks ago, I went into a mild panic. I had to answer interview questions and of course, completely over-thought everything and took days to write a couple of paragraphs.  I must have re-read and re-wrote it at least 50 times!!  Then I had to get some professional looking photos done, but I only have a pretty average camera, so I had a limited time to borrow a quality camera and get some decent shots.  I enlisted my husband to take the photos.  Big mistake!  I liken it to putting up a tent together - not good :(    Then I went to plan B and set up the camera on a tripod to get some process pics.  The minute I did this the sun disappeared and my studio was super dark.  So I moved everything outside and started again, phew!  But in the end it was so worth the effort.  I think the article makes me sound relatively normal and the photos (after a few hours in Photoshop) turned out better than I expected.  It is very exciting to be recognised in the creative community, and totally heartwarming and overwhelming to read all the positive and encouraging comments readers have left.  I feel very blessed!

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